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Drones in Solar

Drones are Leading the Charge of the Solar Revolution!

Drone Mapping to Design PV Installations

  • Drone mapping can be used to create highly accurate drafting of existing roofs to allow solar to be seamlessly designed. Precisely know the dimensions of all surfaces and obstructions.

  • 3D models created from drones can be utilized to study the shading conditions throughout the year and show the impact of shadows from nearby objects.

Thermal Inspections for Efficient Maintenance 

  • Infrared Camera inspections flow by drones allow for massive PV farms to be effortlessly inspected and analyzed. Save thousands in inspection costs and man power, while maximizing the energy production of the farm.

  • Advanced AI analysis of radiometric data allows for quick diagnosis of issues, and dollarized reporting of lost energy production. 

  • Use the reporting data to deploy repair crews with precision and readiness.

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