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Construction Progress Monitoring

The constructions industry has been one of the most prolific adopters of drone
technology, utilizing the many great benefits of drone data to further the efficiency
and cost savings of projects. Drone data captured at regular intervals is vital
during all phases of construction and provides the clearest perspective on site

Pallisades 1 Earth moving.JPG

Drone Data Throughout the Construction Timeline 

Enhancing Your Bids

Drone photography and mapping can be utilized to gain a better understanding of the current site conditions. And provides an updated and highly detailed overhead view of the site which you can include in your bids to show potential clients your professionalism and how you go the extra mile.

Earthworks, Foundation, & Utilities

Drone mapping can be performed every few days or weeks during the
earthworks phase to provide real-time cut and fill reports, calculate
stockpile volumes, and check that foundations and underground utilities
are installed properly.

  • Cut/fill surveys can now be done with much higher frequency than
    before due to the quick turnaround of drones. And it’s now nearly
    effortless for project managers to track the volumes of material
    stockpiles on site.

  • Drones have helped prevent improper foundation pours and
    misplaced underground services.

Vertical Construction Inspections

Fly drones regularly at job sites to provide the documentation required in
most contracts today. They allow for better demonstration and
communication of the project by creating a comprehensive view of the
site that can be accessed anywhere in the world. And this data can be put
together to monitor progress and create a timelapse of the project, a
favorite of many investors.

  • Construction professionals know the importance of staying on
    time, and there is no better way to monitor progression than with
    drones. Saving huge amounts of time and money, while quickly
    settling potential disputes.

Project Closeout & Marketing

Show off your completed work to stakeholders and future clients with full
3D models and tours of a site, and aerial video. This unique view attracts
clients like no other and captivates the scale and capabilities of your

Topographic Maps
Vertical Construction Inspection Resources

What You Get

Cut & Fill Reports
Geotagged 3D Model with Measurement Tools
Stockpile Volume Reports
Closeout Presentation & Marketing Materials



  • Photo/Video documentation required by stakeholders.

  • 2D/3D Drone Mapping with measurement & stockpile reports.

  • Prepared videos, easy shared and uploaded to social media.


  • Everything in Fundamental Package, plus...

  • Custom Webpage Report for each visit.

  • Timeline comparison tools.

  • Progression and timelapse photo & video.


  • Everything in Premium Package, plus...

  • 3D Interactive Interior & Exterior Models.

  • FPV Fly Through Videos, gain a new perspective & enrich your social media.

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