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Roofers Ultimate Tool

The commercial roofing industry has been revolutionized with drone technology. Roofers can now use visual media and digital twin models to better bid, install and present projects.

The Value of Drone Mapping for Roofing Contractors

Highly Accurate Models for Better Decision Making

  • The ability to take linear, area and volumetric measurements allow for better accuracy in estimates, more precision in material ordering and better planning for installations.

  • Provides viral documentation before, during, and after a project. Reducing liability and saving time and money.

  • Better communication with clients, leading to a higher perceived value.

  • Keep projects on time, and have a permanent record of installation. 

Real World Uses

  • Estimating with Google Maps data can be off by multiple feet , and the conditions of the site can be very outdated. The low resolution of the map also conceals vital information like roof penetrations, and roof mount units. High quality maps allow for thorough and accurate assessments.

  • No more second guessing or unnecessary site visits, utilize the measurements of the model to simplify vital decisions. Easily find the needed length of downspouts or confirm lift equipment will be sized correctly.

Progress Monitoring & Docunebtion

Available to You

Social Media Photo & Video
2D&3D Models with Measurement Tools



  • Photo/Video documentation required by stakeholders.

  • 2D/3D Drone Mapping with measurement & stockpile reports.

  • Prepared videos, easy shared and uploaded to social media.


  • Everything in Fundamental Package, plus...

  • Custom Webpage Report for each visit.

  • Timeline comparison tools.

  • Progression and timelapse photo & video.


  • Everything in Premium Package, plus...

  • 3D Interactive Interior & Exterior Models.

  • FPV Fly Through Videos, gain a new perspective & enrich your social media.

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